Culture & Values

Culture & Values

We have a solid foundtaion of culture and values which we think is most important for any corporate citizen and its identity

Remote First

In modern day 21st century business, if your business truly wants to be digital, it should have capabilities to leverage the technology ecosystem led by Internet, Cloud, Mobile & Analytics. Remote is in our DNA, most of our colleagues are located remotely barring the cases where our clients requires our consultants to be in premises due to factors such as data access, information & data security polices and other governance infused restrictions.

Customer FIRST - Employee at the TOP

The resolve and mission of solving critical business challenges has given the birth to VantageIQ Technologies. Customer is always at the center of all our activities of value creation. We strive hard to do things differently to ensure that it is efficient, fast while creating tangible positive impacts on our customer's top and the bottom line.

We work really hard to onboard great people, people with smart skills, bright academics and prerequisite experience across all levels. Our people understand our cultural values and thrive without any micro-management. The wellbeing, the career progression and foundation building is always priority of business operations while promoting internal enablement to learn and develop new technologies which ultimately makes them very valuable and insightful in their collaborations on different client engagements


Trust is always one of the most common factor within team members for all successful, high performance teams.


Regardless of the positions, pay, experience, job functions, ethnicity, language, country, gender all the team-members are required to treat the fellow members of their teams and clients team with certain level of respect and always practice equality


We are a flat hierarchy organization with fewer processes to keep things agile and hence require everyone to be transparent with their colleagues and clients when they have any sort of dependency on each other. We also encourage sharing honest feedback with each other with the intention to help those who are involved in the process. It acts as a constant feedback loop which ultimately helps everyone involved process.


In the world of technology, technologies keep evolving in an unbelievable speed, we encourage each other to learn new techniques, technologies, and processes and always promote experimenting were learning from experimentations and mistakes, improvements are always acknowledged and rewarded


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